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Gatorade Sport Drinks – A Special Drink of Pepsi Company

Introduction to Gatorade Sport Drinks

We know that all types of sports drinks are prepared to recover the deficiency of fluids and electrolytes in the body and these drinks have designed particularly for the athletes and sportsmen that’s why they are called sport drinks.  But there was a time when nobody knew about the sport drinks and the people who engaged in heavy workouts and athletes and bodybuilders used water for the maintenance of hydration level in body.  For this purpose they have to drink excess amount of water and the excessive use of water cause more side effects as compared to benefits, therefore there was a need for something full of energy and electrolytes according to the requirement of body without side effects. Then sport drinks were introduced and the first sport drink was Gatorade that gained immense popularity among athletes, sportsmen and bodybuilders due to its quick results and unique flavours. The Gatorade sport drinks are the best drinks of the US and it is estimated that their market share is almost 75%.

Recover GatoradeG Series


Gatorade beverage was prepared in the year 1965 and marketed by Stokely Van Camp in the United States; initially it gained popularity among students but now it has become the world’s number one sport drink of athletes.  In the year 2001, Gatorade was bought by the Pepsi Company and now it is marketed by Pepsi Company and the manufacturers of Pepsi have brought innovation and various nutritional changes in this drink according to the preferences of athletes.

Gatorade sport drinks contain natural ingredients such as water, sugar, salt and original flavour of some citrus fruits such as orange and lemon and different food colours are also added to give them attractive look.  The composition of Gatorade drinks will be different according to weather condition of any region such as in the hot regions the composition of Gatorade drinks will be hypertonic because athletes of these regions requires high concentrations of sugar and salt.

In the Gatorade sport drinks glucose fructose is used as simple sugar and most of the important minerals for body such as sodium chloride and sodium citrate, phosphate and mono-potassium are included in this famous sport drink. Gatorade contained the high amount of salt and minerals as compared to any other sport drinks therefore according to experts of sport drinks this is the best drink for the athletes and people of hot regions.

It is a Low Calories Drink                     

The people who are very conscious about their smartness and they do not want to increase their weight then Gatorade sport drinks are best products for them because the amount of calories and sugar is very low in these drinks.  It is reported that a bottle of Gatorade contain almost 50 calories and these calories are not enough to recover your burn calories during trainings and heavy exercises therefore you can easily maintain your fitness. Gatorade does not only help to replenish your lost electrolytes but it is also very effectual to provide required amount of carbohydrates for the daily work of body.


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