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Different Vitamin water flavors that you can find

Vitamin water flavors 

If you are looking for the Vitamin water flavors, you have to know that the vitamin water is among the new innovation for beverage and it has been developed to create the inroads into the beverage industry. It has low sugar and it is an alternative for the soft drinks. It has de-ionized and distilled filtered water, it uses the fructose as a sweetener together with the electrolyte with vitamins such as the vitamins C, B12, B3, B5, B6, and E. Other ingredients can be added because of the flavors and the purpose of such drink.

The flavors that you can choose from

Vitamin energy drink


There are many Vitamin water flavors and some of them are the following: strawberry, dragon fruit, fruit punch, apple, raspberry, lime, lemon, green tea and grapefruit. Now there are some reservation if  in reality the vitamin water is nutritious or if it is better to use the homemade choice. The true is that the vitamin water has low sugar level in comparison of other soft drinks or homemade alternatives. However, it is easier to control the homemade alternatives than the vitamin water. If you want to make the Vitamin water flavors yourself, you can try out the following. You have to know that the homemade alternative should be chilled out so that they can produce the right flavors. The ingredients to use can comprise the fruit, the root and the leaves left in the water overnight so that they can infuse the flavors. Some of such used fruits comprise the watermelons, the tangerines, the oranges, the limes and the lemons. The most common roots are mint and ginger, however you can also use the lemon grass.

Choosing the vitamin water flavor according to the purpose of it

You can choose the Vitamin water flavors according to the type of the results that you want. For example if you have been exposed to different strenuous activities and you need enough salt and minerals you can go for the right flavors. It has been known that this vitamin are normally refreshing drink for the people who like the outdoor life.

Activities that you can use the coupons for

You can go for the Vitamin water flavors if you like to go for the water activities such as sun bathing, beach volleyball and surfing. The skiers, the hikers and the mountain climbers also can choose to use such water when they get involved in these activities. Even if it is not yet clear the true nutrition value of the vitamin water, it is more refreshing and it is an alternative for the soft drink in most occasion. Another alternative to the Vitamin water  is the vitamin energy. This is a drink with the same ingredient as the vitamin water but it adds the ribose and the caffeine. There are some additives which are added so that they can have the required flavor. You will be assured of having the right drink when you choose to take the official vitamin water flavors or when you choose to make your own. Many people are turning to the Vitamin water and if you are interested, you can go to a nearby store and you can ask for it.

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