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All about Sports Energy Drink

Facts about Sports Energy Drink

Sport energy DrinkSport drinks such as Gatorade, PowerAde and PowerAde zero are becoming very popular among the athletes because they are very effectual to restock electrolytes that lost through sweat during exercises, games and trainings but all types of intensive workouts also affect the energy level of your body that cannot be managed by the use of these sports drinks. Heavy works and workout are responsible for weakness in whole body and if you don’t take proper care about your health then you have to face various health problems, therefore manufacturers of soft drinks have noticed this factor and they have launched different types of sports energy drink such as red bull, hype, 5-hour energy and adrenaline rush.

All types of energy drinks are very effectual and they are great attraction for the athletes, bodybuilders and especially for the teenagers because they want to build their muscles strong. These drinks are really helpful to increase energy level in your body; therefore the demand of energy drinks is increasing very rapidly and due to increasing popularity of energy drinks it has become very profitable business for the manufacturers of soft drinks. They are earning huge profits because the prices of energy drinks are very high and this factor has not affected their rapidly growing demand.

The sports energy drink contains different energy boosting ingredients such as B vitamins, guarana, taurine, glucuronlactone, various types of herbs and caffeine. Caffeine is not included in all types of sport drinks because it is a form of drug that is not beneficial for the athletes, body builders and other sportsmen. The use of caffeine is not allowed for athletes because this drug can instantly boost their energy level but it’s after effects are very dangerous such as it can cause arrhythmia, depression, anxiety and disorder in urinary and digestive systems.

 Overuse of Caffeine is Dangerous for Teenagers

The use of sports energy drink is appropriate for the adults but not for use of teenagers because the amount of caffeine in these energy drinks is above the safe level for teenagers. A bottle of energy drink contains 150g of caffeine while according to the health association of US 100g of caffeine is tolerable for teenagers and overuse of caffeine for teenagers can cause adverse effects. The use of energy drinks with alcohol is very dangerous for both teenagers and adults as it can affect functioning for your liver and can cause heart strokes due to the presences of caffeine in the energy drinks.

Most of the manufacturers of sports energy drink are now producing energy drink without caffeine or they are using small amount of caffeine in their drinks that cannot cause any kind of health problem. The presence of taurine in energy drinks is very beneficial for your health as it can protect you from diabetes and high blood pressure, while B vitamins are very essential part of a healthy diet and these vitamins are very helpful to increase alertness and efficiency of athletes.

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